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Mentoring for Estheticians


I can't wait to start this journey with you!

The beauty industry is growing FAST and it's hard to keep up, while still maintaining your core values as a business owner and esthetician. We are constantly taking care of our clients, maintaining relationships, ordering products, answering emails, scheduling appointments, AND posting and creating content! It can be exhausting, and honestly very lonely. I have been an esthetician for 10 years and I have experienced many ups and downs and navigated a lot of obstacles along the way.Through out those experiences, I just wanted someone to lean on and feed ideas off of that could really understand what I was going through. Because of this, I feel compelled to show up for you all and be your support system! I am here to help you, and guide you to get you feeling inspired again! Here's what you have to look forward to when you work with me.. 

Mentoring with Katie

Mastering Custom Facials 

ditching protocols and going back to the basics! We work on gaining confidence in the treatment room and taking back control! 

Navigating Roadblocks

feel like something just isn't clicking? a new service just hasn't worked out? we will go over any roadblocks you are facing and try to come up with options to help suit you and your goals!

Social Media Tips and Ideas

being your own marketing team is A LOT of work. it can feel daunting and overwhelming. we will discuss and troubleshoot where things are going wrong and help find a way to share content that feels authentic to you!

Prioritizing Customer's Experience

its the little details that can go a long way. it's about reading the room, and providing a safe space for people to be able to be vulnerable. these little things can become BIG rewards when it comes to returning customers! 

Create Boundaries & Policies

business isn't business without boundaries! it can be really easy to be taken advantage of when working in a "luxury" market. its important to stand your ground, know what you deserve, and not to be afraid to ask for respect! 

reach out today and find out if this could be for you!

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