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MOBILE spray tanning

“Katie did a fantastic job and was so knowledgeable with the products she was using! Loved that I didn’t have to go anywhere either she was able to give me a spray tan in the comfort of my own home. Thank you so much again Katie!”

how does it work?

Katie brings the spray tan to YOU.

a variety of spray tan solutions that are made vegan and cruelty free are used to deliver the best and most natural tan. There is a solution for every occasion! 

spray tan.JPG

going on vacation? 

book your next mobile spray tan for your trip! check out our link on how to best prepare. 


getting married?

book a spray tan party for you and your bridesmaids. discounts, gift bags and lots of fun included!

all appointments are by request only.
please contact Katie today to book your next tan or party!

Mobile Spray Tan $70.00

the all inclusive tanning experience! Katie arrives at the time of your appointment with everything we need to make you glow. It is advised to have a space planned for setup- somewhere that has good natural lighting with an outlet source. Katie will provide all instructions on how to prep and care for your tan. If you are curious, click this link to check out the instructions!

Spray Tan Party 

girls night, bachelorette party, wedding festivities- whatever you need, Katie's got you covered (in a beautiful tan)!

  • Host of the party gets their tan for FREE 

  • all guests will get $15 off their tan

  • FREE swag bags for all guests that include spray tan essentials provided by Katie

*parties need to have at least 5 people in order to qualify for discounts*

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