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Our custom facials are determined based on your skin type, conditions, concerns, and medical history. You can select the amount of time you would like to spend during your treatment, and Katie determines the rest! 

Each service will range from a variety of services such as

enzymes and peels, dermaplaning, facial massage, lymphatic drainage, custom face masks, hydrodermabrasion, microcurrent, LED light therapy, and radio frequency, 


30 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes

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H2O Hydrating Facial

Boost your results with this advanced hydrating experience that will leave your skin feeling clean, youthful and glowing! This treatment involves a combination of lymphatic drainage, hydrodermabrasion, CryoPeptide mask with LED Light Therapy.

*For returning clients only* 

For new customers, please select from one of our custom facials above 


Light & Bright Facial


This brightening treatment involves a lactic acid exfoliation to lighten and hydrate the skin, followed by a full facial sculpting massage with Microcurrent to stimulate the facial muscles and leave you feeling lighter and brighter. 

*For returning clients only* 

For new customers, please select from one of our custom facials above 


Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are highly concentrated solutions to improve the overall health of the skin. They work by dissolving the dead skin cells on the surface, and working their way through the lower levels of the epidermis to challenge and treat concerns like fine lines, skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne. 


DISCLAIMER:*Please discontinue use of any acids, retinoids, or benzoyl peroxide 5 days prior to your appointment. Use an occlusive like Vaseline or aquaphor at night 5 days leading up to your peel. This will increase your hydration and ease recovery time.


*If you are currently on any prescription medications for acne, please consult with Katie first before booking*

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